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I’m moving (again)

July 30, 2009

Hi everyone!  I am trying to make all my stuff have the same name attached to it because I am OCD like that.  I already have twitter and etsy accounts associated with kellycw so I’m moving my blog to  Update your links/RSS/etc!



July 29, 2009

061309 035

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

July 28, 2009

Last night I dreamed that I was wandering around some neighborhood at night with a bunch of random people that I new- some from high school, some from college, Derrick, and probably some others.  I do remember that I new them all.  So we’re walking around and then someone says “hey! lets go visit Heather Armstrong!” and I’m like “uhhh guys its the middle of the night and she has a newborn.”  Never mind the fact that none of us actually know her and she lives in Utah.   So apparently no one cared about what I thought because it was agreed that we would go visit.  We go up to what is the Armstrong’s house in my dream which just happened to be right around the corner.  We go to the side door.  The porch light is on but the house is dark otherwise.  The leader of our fearless group knocks on the door.  We hear bumping and cursing and then someone answers the door.  There is mumbling between our leader and whoever answered the door.  We are invited in!  The house is homey and kinda dark, reminds me of your grandparents house.  Then- Heather and Jon start serving us ice cream! I love ice cream! But then I start to feel guilty.  Because Jon and Heather don’t have a dishwasher!!  They are going to have to wash ALL these dishes after we leave!  Derrick is also feeling guilty so we start collecting all the dishes and washing them by hand.  Everyone else is leaving but we just keep washing dishes.  There was like a never ending pile of ice cream dishes.  Then I woke up.



Things I Accomplished Today

July 25, 2009

1. Looked at an excel model I made a long time ago
2. Went to lunch with my lab group
3. Drove to Genentech
4. Went to HoHo
5. Made 2 powerpoint slides
6. Drove home
7. Took a nap


Vacation 2009

July 24, 2009

We went on vacation a couple weeks ago.  It feels like forever ago since things have been so busy though.  Anyway, I took over 900 pictures but I only posted about 100 for the internet to enjoy.  Since then I have played around in GIMP with a couple of them.  I think they are cool so I will post them here for you too!  I am generous like that.

We went out to the coast- started in Monterey and ended in Marin Headlands with stops in Santa Cruz, Big Basin SP, Half Moon Bay and San Fransisco.  It was our most low key vacation ever and probably the most enjoyable.



July 24, 2009

This post is from back in June.. I’m not sure why it never got published.  I must have gotten distracted!.

I’m pretty sure that I promised pictures  month ago so here they are finally!

Garden061709 021Garden061709 018 So I’ll start with the flowers/herb section.  On the left are most of the herbs and the flowers are on the right.  Herbs include cilatro (flowering), oregano (front half of the giant bush), lemon balm (other half of the giant bush), peppermint and mojito mint (buried under the the giant bush), sage (can’t see it behind the lemon balm) and rosemary (in the very back).  On the right are the flowers- calendula (orange ones in the back), zinnia (can’t see it), cosmos, mexican sunflowers (haven’t bloomed) and then chammomile (sprawled out on the path).  The macro picture is the zinnia. So pretty!

Garden061709 022Here are the peppers, ocra and eggplant.  The peppers are looking sad.. they always do until around August when they suddenly start making tons of peppers.  I will wait..  The ocra is even more pathetic.. it hates this dry heat and clay soil..  The eggplant has lots of holey leaves but has still made several nice sized fruits.

Garden061709 020The tomatoes look great! I have not done a perfect job on picking off the suckers but much better than last year.  They are at least climbing the string instead of just sprawling everywhere.

Garden061709 024 This is the jack and the beanstalk beans.  These plants are HUGE and flowering all over the place but I have only gotten 2 beans!  The flowers keep falling off and I don’t know why. Too hot?

Garden061709 023Garden061709 019

yay watermelons!  These are Derrick’s babies.   They are yellow fleshed fruit and supposed to taste tangy!  Then there’s the corn.. It is freaking huge but making lots of yummy sweet corn so I am not complaining (too much).

Garden061709 013Garden061709 010Here’s a macro shot of the silks and a little visitor (death to the cucumber beatles!!)  Garden061709 009And finally the corn tassle.  So pretty!


The garden is alive!

May 28, 2009

I am barely alive but luckily the garden hasn’t needed too much of my time lately. I am doing an internship at Genentech this quarter along with school.  I am really enjoying this internship but the drain on my time is making me slightly insane.  Anyway, in my absence (aside from watering) the garden has been doing pretty well.

I went out this evening and found that I have my first baby tomato- the green zebra! The others (san marzano and yellow pear) have blooms but no fruit that I have found. The corn is getting tall, should be putting out tassel soon! I also have baby peppers on 3/4 of the pepper plants.

Last week was attack of the cucumber beetles week. My poor beans barely had a leaf left on them but they seem to be recovering. My pest control method is squish all the ones I find and hope for the best. I am lazy 🙂

My herbs and flowers make me so happy. All the herbs are so easy and taste/smell so good! I have lots of calendula- I have been cutting them and bringing them back to the apartment for display.

PS. Sorry for no pics. I promise it looks really great! 😉